Multiple Protocol Monthly Update — December 2021

Social Updates:

  • Our General Partner Application Form is Open!
  • Multiple Protocol Alpha Mainnet has crossed $370k in earnings for the customers’ wiz GP & LPs on
  • Capital Efficiency performance score exceeds any AMM on the market on UniswapV3.
  • Multiple Protocol Mainnet Update!
  • Multiple is Top Notch and Go-To platform for Liquidity Providers.
  • The active liquidity pools on Multiple Protocol to facilitate concentrated liquidity to date are Ethereum (ETH) | USDC | DAI | UNI.
  • With launch of our upcoming Mainnet Beta Launch soon we will be add and provide market making strategies for newly launched projects on Uniswap V3.

Tech Updates:

  • Move into the position corresponding to the description icon to display the functional description.
  • New positions provide Lite and Pro versions for users to choose from, the Pro professional version is selected by default.
  • Lite Version provides an interface for adding liquidity parameter settings is available.
  • Liquidity chart



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