Multiple Protocol May Monthly Update

Multiple Protocol
4 min readJun 3, 2022


This issue covers the month of May 2022

Dear Multiple Users,

We are thrilled to present this Monthly report that includes various remarkable and excellent achievements that Multiple Protocol achieved this in the month of May 2022. From social media to tech updates, we’ve added every new development to this report to keep our community well-informed about everything that’s happening at Multiple.

Social Updates

Multiple Mainnet Public Version is completely open to all users. After users use Multiple Public to connect their wallets, they can check all the position information of the corresponding account in UniswapV3. Multiple is compatible with all existing UniwapV3 position data, and displays it with a more clear and suitable data structure, and thus users can view the profit and loss performance of the positions more intuitively. Multiple provides more professional data support and more freindly UX design. It is useful for users to manage the range liquidity in more convenient and efficient way.

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  • Multiple Protocol Mainnet Update!

Our GP’s & LP’s are getting the highest APY on Stable Currencies like USDC, DAI, Ethereum & UNI Liquidity Pool via UniswapV3

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  • Multiple Protocol announces Strategic Partnership with iZUMi Finance on 5th May 2022, to scale DeFi Application with smart insights.
  • This partnership is focused on a modern approach for Multiple to become the Next Generation DeFi Protocol for Uniswap Liquidity providers.
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A short note for Liquidity providers — While passive income on Uniswap is your daily regime, Multiple Protocol dashboard helps you to make smart and informed decisions on #UniswapV3 to take liquidity positions.

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  • K-line & Liquidity on Multiple Public Version
  • Multiple Insights

🦄 Uniswap Range Orders help you with concentrated liquidity to win liquidity fees on V3. Chasing an appropriate AMM strategy can be cumbersome, thats where Multiple comes in. Manage your liquidity portfolio as GP with Multiple Mainnet

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Multiple Insights

#Web3 is the future! What is it? #dApps are just 1 use case. The usage of web3 technologies in #DeFi is smart which can summarise large amounts of information into knowledge and useful actions for people. Multiple Protocol solves the problem of Liquidity Management on



Our $200 Giveaway ended and winners have been announced in celebration of our Mainnet Public launch — Winners

Certik Audit

Yet again we have passed the critical CertiK Tech security beta test. A comprehensive examination has been performed, utilizing Static Analysis and Manual Review techniques.

Tech Updates:
New trade settings, created to support user switching options, and to remember the user’s last option after switching:

  • Move into the position corresponding to the description icon to display the functional description.
  • New positions provide Lite and Pro versions for users to choose from, the Pro professional version is selected by default.
  • Lite Version provides an interface for adding liquidity parameter settings is available.
  • New Pair price information, data source: Uniswap (all data refreshed in real-time, refresh once in every 15s)

Adding liquidity confirmation information

Second pop-up window to confirm adding liquidity information

Price Range: The price range

Ticks Number: Number of ticks covered by the price range

  • Smart Contract
    We have done some gas optimization, refactoring, reducing complexity, and increasing test coverage of smart contracts. While the current version continues to test internally, we are planning to iterate related product documentation for smart contracts.

About Multiple Protocol

Multiple Protocol is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol based on Ethereum that allows expert traders (GP) to provide professional AMM liquidity strategies, which in turn ensures users (LP) securely benefit from the best yielding products.

Multiple Protocol — The Next Generation DeFi Protocol

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Multiple Protocol - Unlocking the next phase of #DeFi, a playground for expert traders to provide professional trading AMM liquidity strategies on Uniswap V3