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2 min readSep 1, 2021
Multiple Protocol Mainnet Day 1 Report

Have you tried out the newly launched Multiple Mainnet yet? Our much-awaited Mainnet is finally live at The Multiple team was more than thrilled to see amazing responses and participation from users on Day 1 itself where we completed $2.9 million in TVL, and it’s just the beginning!

Multiple will be providing Mainnet Daily Report to keep our users abreast with all that’s transpiring. The report will give insight into how we instantly fixed some bugs that we found to make sure the Mainnet is robust and interesting.

Find the Mainnet Daily Report below:

Date: 2021.9.1

Fixed bugs:

1. Fixed APY display bug

2. Fixed the Wallet Connect connection bug

3. Added Wallet Log out

4. Fixed some bugs in UI styles and other data display exceptionals on some pages

5. Optimized server performance and improved loading speed

Remaining bugs:17

Pool APY (Data is updated every 15 minutes)

  • USDC Pool APY:151.00%
USDC Pool APY:151.00%
  • ETH Pool APY:92.48%
ETH Pool APY:92.48%
  • UNI Pool APY:72.95%
UNI Pool APY:72.95%
  • DAI Pool APY:75.86%
DAI Pool APY:75.86%
  • Pool Total Value Locked
  • Customer Earned

About Multiple Finance

Multiple Protocol is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol based on Ethereum that allows expert traders (GP) to provide professional AMM liquidity strategies, which in turn ensures users (LP) securely benefit from the best yielding products.

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Multiple Protocol - Unlocking the next phase of #DeFi, a playground for expert traders to provide professional trading AMM liquidity strategies on Uniswap V3