Multiple Protocol June Monthly Update

Multiple Protocol
4 min readJul 1, 2022


This issue covers the month of June 2022

Dear Multiple Users,

We are thrilled to present this Monthly report that includes various remarkable and excellent achievements that Multiple Protocol achieved this in the month of June 2022. From social media to tech updates, we’ve added every new development to this report to keep our community well-informed about everything that’s happening at Multiple.

Social Updates

  1. #DeFi Yields ~ Emotions v/s Skill Choosing the rights investments and defi platforms can be intuitive or subjectively selected based on skill and experience. High APY are usually red signs for the intuitive investments. You can rather invest in AMM with L.P. pools on UniSwap

2. Ethereum 2.0 or ETH 2.0 is all set to launch on 🗓 1st July 2022

What will happen, Follow 🧵👇

⚡️ Earlier Ethereum used to work on Proof of Work Model

⚡️ With Eth 2.0 this will migrate to Proof of Stake

Proof of Stake is economical and more scalable


👉 Demand for GPU mining will reduce drastically / But will reduce energy consumption globally

👉 This might raise concerns on livelihood of miners and GPU manufacturers like #Nvidia #AMD as next to Ethereum institutional miners who might run out of business

👉 Eth 2.0 might be one of the biggest moment in history of #Crypto and if all turns out great which are likely chances as the #DeFi world can’t exist without #Ethereum, Proof of stake is something that will acknowledge interest from users in adoption of crypto worldwide!

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💹 Proof of Profitability 💹 A 🧵

Multiple Protocol — Designed this unique signature consensus algorithm to make #DeFi transparent, rewarding and easier for investors who wish to invest but can’t manage their portfolios time to time due to

⏰ Lack of Time

💰 Lack of Knowledge

🧵 2

These Investors in the Multiple Ecosystem are known as Liquidity Providers or LP.

On the other hand there are partners who are expert in the matter of DeFi Liquidity Portfolio Management on various DeFi Protocols who have on chain background of huge profit taking in fees.


These partners in the Multiple Ecosystem are the ones doing the actual work of managing the liquidity portfolios are known as General Partners or GP.

In DeFi AMM and with the #UniswapV3 it has been now possible to mitigate the losses and generate passive income for …


providing liquidity and earn liquidity fees from the transactions.

In Proof of Profitability GPs are provided with #NFT work permit based on past performance and capital allocation based on profit ranking and scoring to earn commissions and LPs earn major portion of the fees.

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3. Do you know?

The “Third Generation Cryptocurrency” or “Third Generation Blockchain” aims to solve the issues facing the 1st two generations, which are considered to be #Bitcoin, the original crypto, and #Ethereum, the first crypto to offer smart contracts and decentralized apps.

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4. 📉Still circumventing about avoiding #Cryptocrash and don’t know where to start?

Choose @Uniswap V3 to provide liquidity & earn Liquidity Fees while avoiding the market conditions.

Get smart with #DeFi & estimate your #Uniswap earnings using Multiple:


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5. Hey Multiple Fam🦄

We are proud to introduce Multiple as the World’s 1st Liquidity Aggregator #DeFi tool for #UniswapV3 with:

⭐️ Smart Liquidity Data Dashboard for 50 #Cryptos

⭐️ Range Orders on @Uniswap

⭐️ Profit Estimation for LP Fees & more

Watch on

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Certik Audit

Yet again we have passed the critical CertiK Tech security beta test. A comprehensive examination has been performed, utilizing Static Analysis and Manual Review techniques.

Tech Updates:

New trade settings, created to support user switching options, and to remember the user’s last option after switching:

  • Move into the position corresponding to the description icon to display the functional description.
  • New positions provide Lite and Pro versions for users to choose from, the Pro professional version is selected by default.
  • Lite Version provides an interface for adding liquidity parameter settings is available.
  • New Pair price information, data source: Uniswap (all data refreshed in real-time, refresh once in every 15s)

Adding liquidity confirmation information

Second pop-up window to confirm adding liquidity information

Price Range: The price range

Ticks Number: Number of ticks covered by the price range

  • Smart Contract
    We have done some gas optimization, refactoring, reducing complexity, and increasing test coverage of smart contracts. While the current version continues to test internally, we are planning to iterate related product documentation for smart contracts.

About Multiple Protocol

Multiple Protocol is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol based on Ethereum that allows expert traders (GP) to provide professional AMM liquidity strategies, which in turn ensures users (LP) securely benefit from the best yielding products.

Multiple Protocol — The Next Generation DeFi Protocol

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Multiple Protocol - Unlocking the next phase of #DeFi, a playground for expert traders to provide professional trading AMM liquidity strategies on Uniswap V3